Urdu Poetry

Urdu poetry is not developed in a decade it a centuries-old language. Urdu is a language that was developed from the different other languages like Arabic, Hindi, and Persian. The sweetest language of the world is known as Urdu. The following are very awesome facts about Urdu literature. Poems are very common in every era and is a huge part of Urdu poetry.

It said that Sanskrit is the world oldest language and the "Vaid" are also in the Sanskrit language there are many poems in "Vaid". There are also found an epic poem about King Gilgamesh dates back to around 1000 (B.C).it is also used in Arab 1400 years ago they still narrate it.

Here are some sad poetry in Urdu language.

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry

Word History

This word came from Greek‘‘poietes’’ it’s self from ‘‘poiein’’ it is “to make’’ this word used in English 600 years ago.

Word Definition

There are many different definitions of this word everyone has its own definition oxford says a piece of writing in which the expression of feeling and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, imagery”.

Cambridge said about this word: ‘‘literature a piece of writing in which the words are carefully chosen for images and idea they suggest, and in which the sound of the word when reading often aloud follow a particular rhythmic pattern”.

Every person or everyone is every time thinking. They observe, they practically do anything but their declaration is different from each other. Some of them narrate it easily and some of them prose and some of them explain their thinking into sculptor, painting and some of them declare their feeling into poetry.

Its Urdu root word is ش ع ر it's mean is “to know anything” and its idiomatically mean is that to say something .it also according to poet perception some time he indicates to an accident which imbues to heart deeply which performed itself in words.

Urdu is Centuries-Old Language

The people (soldiers) of the British Indian Army who belonged from different community developed the Urdu language. Eventually, with the passage of time, the royal courts of British choose it up as an official language for the Indian subcontinent. Before the Urdu language, the official language of British royal court was Persian. Urdu is loved by the everyone because of its huge structure and great quality language.

Promotion of Urdu Culture

The development of the Urdu world is possible from the different method. As I mentioned above that one of the best ways to spread the Urdu culture from famous fiction such and also through the Pak-Indo Drama serial and film industry. For promoting the Urdu, Efforts must be made just to develop the quality of the Urdu in both Pak-Indo countries.

Don't forget about the Urdu poetry is one of the greatest ways to promote brotherhood in both countries. Therefore, we must promote the Urdu language on the government level.

Urdu Literature and It's Famous Poets

There are many things which are common in every language as well as poetry almost exist in all languages. And every language has different rules of poetry but the word “شاعری ” is particularly just for Urdu. We have seen different carving by virtual of this we get to know their circumstance.

Similarly, poetry create an image in which we know the condition of that era
There are very famous poets in Urdu. Almost all of them belongs to Indian-subcontinent.
•    Meer Taqi Meer
•    Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib
•    Daag Delhi
•    Bahadur Shah Zafar
•    Dr. Allama Iqbal
•    Faiz Ahmad Faiz
•    Hasrat Mohani
•    Nasir Kazmi
•    Momin Khan Momin

Kinds of Poems

There are many kinds of ode in Urdu:


That relates the praise of Allah Almighty.


That is related to the commendation of the prophet P.B.U.H.


Relate long poem which has many verses and all verse have the same rhyme.


A poem who have a bound of six verse and every verse has the same rhyme and the refrain is called Musaddas

How to Understand

To understand any language you must need to learn what exactly language words means. For a common person, we can say that language is medium to communicate with people of the surrounding. The truth is that language is not just exchange of words but its also deal with communication of emotions, beliefs, and feelings of any person in the world. the Urdu language is might be in form of words, symbols, signs, signals, it has the power of destroying some feeling or make someone happy.

Some Pats of the Urdu Poem or Ghazal


A verse called Shair.


First verse of any poem is called Matla.


The last verse of a poem in which poet writes his pen name in verse.


A part of poem between Matla and Maqta.

The Culture of Urdu in India

It is a painful truth that the Urdu language is not liked by the Indians. Almost every Indian calls Urdu as Hindi. Anyways, it does not a big problem because on the international platform they are all supporting the Urdu language. As is I mention that if they are all calling the Urdu as Hindi so that's a not really matter. The film industry of Indian (called Bollywood) is a big revenue generating industry for India. In almost every film of Indians, their Urdu songs and scripts are not good in way of the quality and Urdu Adab, however; they are outstanding at supporting the Urdu language.
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